October 26, 2024 | 12 pM – 7 PM

Pineapple costumes and outfits are encouraged!


The Fuzzy Pineapple Craft and Art Festival
October 26, 2024
12 PM – 7PM
1205 S. Adams St. Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Seafood, Poultry, Beef, Pork, Desserts, Snacks


All accessible
Limited, Parking Lot and Roadside
Located 1 block from two bus stops, Car, Bicycle, Taxi, Uber, Lyft


Each year we are growing with new and seasoned local and student artists, businesses, entertainers, crafters, and growers!
Artists, Dancers, Singers, Actors, Musicians, Authors, Filmmakers, Models and More!
Installation art, activity stations, contests, games, grab bags and more. Scroll down to see a full list of activities.
Connect with friends, businesses and your community. Win prizes, snag freebies, make art, volunteer, get sponsored, or win a free booth. 

“The purpose of this festival is showcase the many diverse, independent artists located right in our back yard. It is our mission to help these artists generate enough buzz to propel them into their next level of artistic and economic growth.”

artists + Makers + crafters + growers


TFP FEST Community Art Board


Installation Art

Participate in installation art, watch your art bloom with the help of other artists or make your own solo art throughout the festival.

Live Performances

Poets, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Fashion Designers and more all share their art on stage.

Costume Contest

Come in your best pineapple costume or become one at the festival for a special prize!

Healthy Lifestyles

Get supercharged with healthy lifestyle workshops, snag a bite from healthy cooking demos, or make and/or win your own plants from our make and take stations and scavenger hunt.

Color Zone

Come in all white and get colorized! Grab a handful of color and paint your friends!

Pineapple Party

All pineapple, all of the time. Be there.

Draw Fuzzy
Art Competition

Who can draw Fuzzy? Vote in this quick art competition for 3 age groups: Children (5-12), Teens(13-17), and Adults(18+).

Scavenger Hunt

Find the clues, win prizes. Fun for all ages.

Games For Children + Adults

Get going with our human-size board games!

Fashion Show

Watch artists show their best original work onstage!

Photo Booth

Say cheese, take a pic.

Artist Panel

Artists explaining their work, creative processes and what drives them to create.

Body Art Show

See fantastic murals on beautiful bodies.

Art in the Park Art Competition

In this all day event, we provide the canvas, you provide the supplies to make any mural of your choosing. Fuzzy must be in it. Winners receive cash prizes, art supplies, and a free booth for next year.

Goodie Bags

The first 50 festival guests will receive a goodie bag.


Join our watercolor party.

Art Auction

Participate in our silent art auctions, 80% goes directly to the artist, 20% goes towards the festival causes.

Draw Me Exchange

Sit down with someone new and connect through drawing.

Activity Booths

Sign a board, take home a craft, doodle, leave an inspiring quote, screenprint a shirt, customize a button, get your face painted, draw a stranger, let them draw you, become a secret agent, make an over the top mask, color and paint your heart out, or take cool and quirky pictures.

Yoga In The Garden

Grab a mat and get in the zone of zen.

Make + Take

Make and take gifts for yourself, family and friends.


Get Involved, Become A Sponsor!


3 Ways To Sponsor

Gift in Kind

Gift something from our wishlist below.


Purchase a TFP FEST reward from our festival shop 

to the Arts

Donate to the festival with our “Support the Artists” campaign.


Sponsored Artists

It is our goal to sponsor 5 student artists with a free booth, tent, table, and chairs. With your help, we can!


If you would like to take part in making the magic happen, you’ve come to the right place! Without volunteers like you, this festival could not be nearly as exciting or successful. All volunteers will receive credit hours for their work.


  • Festival Setup
  • Festival Cleanup
  • Entertainment
  • Face Painting
  • Traffic Direction
  • Decorating Team
  • Painters
  • First Aid
  • Direction Guides
  • Face and Body Models
  • Body Painters for Body Art Show
  • Bloggers
  • Game Facilitators
  • Activity Booth Operators
  • Marketing and Promotion Team
  • Photographers (Free booth)
  • Videographers (Free booth)
  • Game Building Assistants


All rewards will ship the day after the festival. You can also pick them up at the festival.

TFP FEST Rewards Pineapple Cup by The Fuzzy Pineapple


Please send all contributions to 812 S. Macomb St. Tallahassee FL 32301

Paint Brushes


Spray Paint

Body Paint

Tie Dye


win $$$

The group who brings in the largest amount of people to the festival will win a cash prize! All parties must be noted at the information booth upon entering the festival. Must bring a minimum of 20 people to qualify.


See previous festivals in our festival gallery.

earn a Free Booth

(That’s right. No fees, set-up + share your art!)

  • Sign up as an entertainer
  • Refer 3 paying vendors *referred must join. Booth size is dependent on referred.
  • Become a sponsor
  • Provide a pineapple-themed make and take booth (non-sales)
  • Record the event- videographers + photographers *Must be able to record all day and/or behind the scenes of festival. Will receive credit for work. Will be on website + social media.
  • Get sponsored by us as a student artist.
  • Be a student organization that hosts an activity booth or station. *Organization must stay entire festival.