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Custom Phone Case and Jewelry Box

We love making custom projects and are currently working on a product customization app for almost everything in store. You design it and we create it for you!


We had so much fun making this custom decoden jewelry box complete with a wooden compartment insert.

After tons of images and messages were sent back and forth from our client, we finally developed a sketch for the box and phone.

Next we added color and sent a proof.

We assembled the box and added dividers. Next we added a fresh coat of sealant so the paint won't fade or stick.

Here is the fun part, creating the charms.


Next we added drizzle and glaze to the box and case.

Before we begin assembly with the faux icing, we check placement. Some dimensions can change from the sketch to the real product so we always measure first.

After we configure the design, we begin to "frost" the surface and add in the charms.

Lastly, we let it cure, check for hardness, and ship it with love, care, and a few extra surprises to our customer!

We also made this 2nd case with the leftover charms!

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  1. Rebecca

    So cute, I love it! Looks good enough to eat!! You guys are so talented!

  2. Michelle Sweeney

    Wow!! I just discovered you and I’m in love with the decadent jewelry box and phone cases! Are you making more to sell?? My granddaughters would love these.

    1. The Fuzzy Pineapple

      Hi! Thank you so much. Yes. It is on the to-do list to make a few different batches for 2021.

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