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We’re back!

Welcome to the new site!


What's New?

Easy Login

You can now login from your social media accounts or create a traditional login. 


Register for the festival with ease with one simple form.

Guest Checkout

Don't want to make an account? No problem. You can now make purchases as a guest.


Not sure if you want to add TFP to your cart? Keep it in your wishlist until you just have to have it!

Secure Payment

You now have 3 secure ways to pay. More options coming soon!


Make 10% on every sale you refer. Use a special code to link back to TFP products.

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  1. Vern

    Where is the festival going to be held? There are 2 different addresses being shown! 812 S Macomb St, Tallahassee, FL 32301 and 1209 Paul Russell Road Tallahassee, Florida 3230. Very confusing! Want to attend, but would really prefer not to waste time driving to the wrong location.

    1. The Fuzzy Pineapple

      Hi. Our headquarters is at 812 S. Macomb st. The festival will be at 1209 Paul Russell Rd. Can’t wait to see you there!

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